NetGuard Adaptive Security Operations

Nokia’s telco-centric SOAR suite

Adaptive Security Operations from Nokia NetGuard is an enriched Security Orchestration, Analytics and Response (SOAR) suite. It is designed to help security operations teams to fully understand the business risks they face, improve their decision making and better control costs. Providing end-to-end security, the suite integrates audit compliance, privileged access, threat intelligence, network based malware detection, and certificate management. NetGuard goes beyond traditional SOAR vendors by including big data ingestion and analytics in one platform.

Adaptive security operations

The complexity of 5G calls for new, dynamic and flexible security architectures. The sheer number of alerts generated in a network can overwhelm a communication service provider’s (CSP) security team, resulting in incidents that are not investigated. Teams need better ways to automatically prioritize alerts and allow them to focus first on the most severe ones. CSPs will also need to adapt to security threats with security operations that are predictive and automated. Machine learning, multi-dimensional analytics and threat intelligence will ensure a rapid and efficient response to threats.

Automated and orchestrated intelligence

NetGuard Adaptive Security Operations suite enriches Security Orchestration, Analytics and Response (SOAR) by focusing on measurable security management and assurance. It identifies malicious attackers, including potential insider threats, by analyzing user or machine behavior and automatically indicating the level of the threat. It also correlates and consolidates alerts from existing systems. This enables a CSP’s security team to prioritize risks and automate their security operations according to the attack surface and business operations.

NetGuard Adaptive Security Operations


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