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Operating a telco network has always been complex. But with massive data growth and multiple layers of network technology, tomorrow’s IoT and 5G networks will be more complex than ever. With pressure on headcount, many operators are already reaching the limits of what their human engineers can achieve. That’s why analytics and AI, with help from automation, is vitally important for the future of network operations.

Nokia Cognitive Services are designed to help telcos overcome the challenges: to improve operational effectiveness and enhance the customer experience. Most operators are seeing flat or falling revenues: analytics can potentially help reduce churn and incubate new sources of revenue.

What makes Nokia AVA different?

We bring five key capabilities that enable us to deliver more value for telcos.

All these capacities are underpinned by the Nokia AVA platform, a cloud-based platform that combines big data storage, intelligent analytics and extreme automation, enabling a cognitive, predictive approach to network operations. And our solutions are delivered as a service, so there’s zero upfront CAPEX.

Deep telco expertise:

We have more than 20,000 telco services engineers and we’re ranked #1 in the world for network performance optimization.

DevOps approach:

Agile development means we can get solutions into production much faster.

Open ecosystem:

Open APIs mean our solutions can integrate easily with a broad range of third-party offerings.

Cognitive Collaboration Hubs:

We’ve ramped up our analytics capabilities by hiring data scientists and training our best telco engineers to become Citizen Data Scientists. They co-create bespoke solutions with our customers to meet specific business needs.

Cognitive analytics and AI:

We use Bell Labs machine learning algorithms to provide forensic analysis and deliver timely, granular insights.

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