Environmental strengths and energy efficiency of our product portfolio

We aim to make the products we deliver to our customers more efficient in terms of how they are made and how they operate. This means looking at our products from inception through the Design for Environment program, looking at the materials used, the energy use, and applying a lifecycle approach until reuse, refurbish or recycle. Our products in use by our customers are by far the greater portion of our carbon footprint. We work hard to drive down energy use, improve power consumption, while also looking across the whole network at energy reduction solutions.

Common sense and power consumption. Our estimates suggest that mobile operators currently have a Radio Access Network (RAN) energy bill globally of over Euro 72 billion.

The continuous growth in energy use and cost is fuelled by the huge growth in mobile data consumption. It is critical that we a variety of ways to decouple mobile data growth from energy use.

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A zero emissions digital society. Technology will connect more people and more consumer, industrial and business devices as we move into the 4th industrial revolution.

In this new world of everyone and everything connected, it is essential that we continue to find new ways to reduce power consumption and waste across the business. It's simply about doing our part in halting climate change by enabling a zero emission digital future.

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World's first. In December 2018 we announced the first commercially deployed liquid-cooled base station that can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent. 

The base station was deployed in Helsinki in a local apartment building where it also recaptures wasted heat and feeds it into the buildings heating system to be re-used.

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Energy at the edge. Leading Norwegian real estate and technology firm will deploy Nokia edge data center technology to support delivery of Smart City services. 

Many of these data centers will recycle excess heat and use it in local homes and businesses.

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Data center

Making MegaSense. Imagine having highly precise, intelligent, real-time air quality and environmental sensing over a 5G network. See how we are making it happen with Helsinki University.

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